is a project, launched in cooperation with Russian wine magazine
"Imperia Vkusa" and catalogue "Who is Who at Russian Alcohol Market" .

Catalog «Who is Who at Russian Alcohol Market»

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is a catalogue of wineries and spirit producers that are not present at Russian market. Not yet.

It is an evolution step of our successful catalogue "Who is who at Russian alcohol market". Since 2001 our catalogue helps professionals of an alcohol market to find partners and build an effective distribution and sale channels in different Russian regions.

Today we move further and create in our hand-book a special section for the purchase departments of wine importers.
We give you a unique opportunity to tell about your winery directly to the right persons in wine import companies who makes decisions concerning import. Our aim is to help wine producers to find an importer in Russia and to establish long-term and fruitful cooperation.

is a project, launched in cooperation with Russian wine magazine "Imperia Vkusa" (
and catalog "Who is Who in Russian Alcohol Market".

we print as a section of catalog "Who is who at Russian alcohol market"

We guarantee several very important things:
1. Professional translation to Russian. All texts will be carefully translated and edited by editors of professional wine magazine. We want to bring your ideas and philosophy to decision makers of Russian importers with constant care .
2. Precise distribution of the catalog to the top managers and directors of purchase departments of wine importers and other persons responsible for an assortment of wines in their companies
3. High quality printing
4. 100% meets requirements of Russian advertising legislation

Total circulation: 3000 pcs.
- Buyers and top managers of Russian importers and wine distributors
- Sommeliers and directors of restaurants
- Buyers of retail chains and wine boutiques
- Top managers of Russian wine and spirits producers
- Distribution in special events
- Free selling reserve

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